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Free Blackjack at Rushmore CasinoSomeone coming to this page is looking for one of a couple of things:

  • "Free blackjack Las Vegas"
  • "Free Las Vegas blackjack"
  • "Las Vegas free blackjack"

But someone searching for that? What kind of information do they want? I can think of a few possibilities:

  • Las Vegas casinos offering free blackjack games.
  • Online casinos offering free blackjack games similar to the ones found in Las Vegas.
  • Free blackjack games which simulate the rules and conditions found in various Las Vegas casinos.

Las Vegas Casinos Offering Free Blackjack Games

Free Blackjack Las Vegas - Free BlackjackUnlike most online casinos, Las Vegas casinos don't offer a lot of free, play money type blackjack games. They don't offer any. A Las Vegas casino manager looks at available floor space in a casino as a resource, and her job is to maximize the amount of revenue generated per square foot. Free, play money blackjack games would reduce the amount of revenue generated per square foot by adding a big fat 0 to the bottom line for that blackjack table.

In other cities and states (NOT Las Vegas Nevada) you can sometimes find bars and taverns which offer free blackjack games where you win points toward prizes. I live in Texas, and I used to frequent a couple of bars who offered free blackjack games, The Ranch House in Sachse and Dave and Busters in Dallas. Neither bar still offers the free blackjack games, because they weren't very popular.

Online Casinos Offering Free Blackjack Games Similar To The Ones Found In Vegas

Any online casino offers free blackjack games similar to the games found in Las Vegas. Online casinos have no square feet limitations or considerations, so all they have to worry about is bandwidth. And when you're looking at an industry with the kind of money being generated that the online casino industry is generating, bandwidth is dirt cheap.

Online casinos offer free blackjack games for one reason, and it's a simple one:

  • Free blackjack games at online casinos are enticements to play for real money.

Keep that in mind when you're playing a free, play money blackjack game at an online casino and you're having a mad winning streak. I don't have any verification of this, and I'm not naming names, but it seems like an Internet casino who wanted to motivate play money blackjack players to try their real money blackjack games might want to rig their blackjack game in favor of the player.

Online casinos do not offer free blackjack games to help you practice for Las Vegas though. They want you to play online, not spend your money in Las Vegas.

Free Blackjack Games Which Simulate The Rules And Conditions Found In Various Las Vegas Casinos

The best place to find a free blackjack game that simulates Las Vegas rules and conditions is probably a Microgaming casino. They offer at least a dozen different blackjack games with various rules options, including:

  • Downtown Vegas Blackjack
  • Las Vegas Strip Blackjack

You should be aware though that these are Microgaming's opinions about what kinds of blackjack games you'll find on the Las Vegas strip or in downtown Vegas. You might be able to find single deck blackjack on the Las Vegas strip, or an eight deck blackjack game in one of the downtown casinos. Look at the rules options and conditions rather than the name of the blackjack game to find the situation in which you want to practice.

And if you ever get bored playing free blackjack games, give the free slots games a try. Sometimes it's nice to turn your brain off and not make any decision other than whether or not to spin the reels again.

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