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Welcome to's guide to online blackjack will teach you where to play blackjack safely and for free on the Internet. We have recently added our own free games which are now available right here on, so you can get comfy and enjoy the free play. Updated on 2/2/2013.

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"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."
- Confucius

Blackjack Wisdom

Some people might wonder how the quote above relates to free blackjack or to free blackjack games. But doesn't anyone wanting to practice playing blackjack using play money 21 games online look to achieve a certain amount of blackjack wisdom? By definition, if you're "practicing", then you're trying to improve your skill level at something.

So the Confucius quote is apt.

And the nice thing about blackjack is that there really is a strategy. Unlike baccarat or slot machines, the decisions you make in blackjack actually affect the outcome. And unlike poker, where there are limitless amounts of possible scenarios, the number of possible situations in blackjack is relatively small.

Using free blackjack games to master blackjack strategy is the central theme of this website.


Free Blackjack - FreeBlackjackIn blackjack terms, reflection means study. Memorizing a blackjack game's perfect basic strategy chart is a means of  gaining blackjack skill via reflection. Call it memorization, study, reflection, whatever, it's an important step in developing one's skills as a blackjack player.

How you choose to conduct this reflection is up to you. You can use flashcards if you like. Or memorize a chart. Or just make a piece of paper with questions and answers about how to play specific hands.

Blackjack basic strategy can be boiled down to three types of hands:

  1. Hard hands
  2. Soft hands
  3. Pairs

The hard blackjack hands can be divided into seven different hands to learn how to play:

  1. Hard eight or less
  2. Hard nine
  3. Hard ten
  4. Hard eleven
  5. Hard twelve
  6. Hard thirteen through sixteen
  7. Hard seventeen or higher

The soft blackjack hands can be divided into five different hands to learn how to play:

  1. Soft thirteen or fourteen
  2. Soft fifteen or sixteen
  3. Soft seventeen
  4. Soft eighteen
  5. Soft nineteen or higher

And then there are ten different possible pairs: aces, deuces, threes, etc.

So the first step to learning blackjack basic strategy is study and reflection. You only have to memorize how to play 22 different hands. And these 22 hands are going to be played against one of ten possible dealer upcards. (This way of tallying assumes that tens and faces cards are always played the same, so the decisionmaking doesn't change whether your have a pair of queen or a pair of jacks, for example.)


You could just find a really great blackjack player and copy what she does in certain situations. This would be a difficult way to learn to play blackjack well. For one thing, if the great blackjack player you're imitating is a card counter, and you're not, then she'll be making decisions based on information that's unavailable to you. (Unless she's telling you what the count is and why she's making those decisions, which is unlikely to happen in a casino blackjack game.)

Reading books by blackjack experts like Kevin Blackwood or Arnold Snyder makes more sense. That's reflection or study, but it's also imitation, because you're imitating  a great blackjack player indirectly.


Confucius says that experience is the bitterest way of learning a skill. But that's the brilliance of free blackjack games online. You can gain experience without the bitterness of losing real money. Free online blackjack games simulate real blackjack almost exactly, dealing the same cards, offering the same odds, and presenting the same situations as you'll find in traditional casino blackjack.

Free blackjack games do not replicate an environment conducive to card counting though. Online blackjack games shuffle the deck after every hand, which is sometimes found in real casinos, but that's a lot more common in an online casino situation.

One exception is the blackjack card counting trainer at Super Blackjack 21, which is designed to be a card counting tutorial. You can toggle the count on or off at any time to test how well you're keeping the count. Other sites offer blackjack free, but we're particularly fond of SuperBlackjack21, since it's ours.

Other options for free blackjack games are the online casinos themselves. Even though you can't gain an edge at an online casino blackjack game by card counting, they still offer some of the lowest house edges of any casino game on the Internet. But that low house edge assumes that you've mastered basic strategy. Studying and memorization is the first step in learning blackjack basic strategy.

But practicing with free blackjack games is an excellent last step to take before trying the real money blackjack games. If you are ready try blackjack online real money. Listed below we have our picks for the best real money blackjack websites.


Free Blackjack Game Articles

Here are some of the newer free blackjack game articles we offer on the site:

A Final Thought About Free Blackjack Games For Practice

This applies to online blackjack as well as to almost all other endeavors in life:

"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect."
- Vince Lombardi

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